Oct 24 2012

Canine Flu

We know that the fall is flu season for people, but did you know that dogs can become infected with Canine Influenza Virus? Yes, dogs can certainly get the flu and their version is much worse than ours. Unlike human flu, there is no seasonality to canine influenza. They can become infected any time of the year.

Instead of a fever, aches and pains, canine influenza can result in severe respiratory infections, pneumonia and even death. Canine flu spreads very easily and infected dogs can be contagious before they become sick. That means a healthy looking dog can spread the flu to other dogs he comes in contact with.

Although, no cases have been diagnosed in Louisiana, there are infected dogs in Texas and Mississippi which puts our area at risk. To get ahead of the problem, The Animal Center is now offering flu vaccines for dogs. In fact, this problem can be so serious that we will require all dogs staying in our clinic for boarding, grooming, diagnostic or surgical procedures to be immunized. We want to protect all dogs in our care.

¬†Dogs need 2 initial injections of the vaccine 3-4 weeks apart and an annual booster. The vaccinations are safe and usually don’t make your dog sore like the human flu vaccine does. Vaccinations cost $20.00…..a small price to pay for a healthy dog.

Call us for details on how to keep your dog protected from canine influenza.

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