Jun 10 2014

Summer Heat Wave

Summer time means soaring temperatures in Louisiana. Keeping cool is important to us AND to our pets. Here are a few tips to help your pets endure the “dog days of summer”. ¬†Outside pets need lots of cool water and shady places to rest. Place food and water bowls near a tree or under the carport. On those days when humidity is really high, a source of moving air (outdoor fan)¬†provides relief from the heat. Some dogs enjoy a dip in a plastic baby pool to cool off a bit, so you may want to invest in a kiddie pool. Just remember to keep the water clean to avoid providing mosquitoes a hatching ground. Inside dogs can easily become overheated when they go outdoors to potty, so keep a watchful eye on them. If you notice your dog panting excessively, salivating a lot, or looking weak and uncoordinated, cool him off with a wet towel and call your veterinarian right away.

The Animal Center hope you AND your pets have a happy, safe, cool summer!

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