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    Rabies Risks

    Jul 17 2019

    While cases of rabies in domestic pets and humans are rare in Canada, and in North America overall, the risk of rabies remains. Tragically, we are reminded of this by the case of a young man in…

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    World Snake Day!

    Jul 11 2019

    Snakes! The word can evoke feelings of fear or intrigue, or maybe even thoughts of Harry Potter and Slytherin House! Whatever it invokes, July 11th is World Snake Day – a day to celebrate these…

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    World Zoonoses Day

    Jul 04 2019

    Did you know that July 6th is World Zoonoses Day? Maybe “zoonoses” is not a word in your everyday conversations, but it is something you should know about! …

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    Back to School Tips for Pet Owners

    Aug 15 2013

    School buses are rolling, classes have started, and families are transitioning from a summer routine to a school routine. While working out the school year plans, let's remember the furry family…

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    Christmas Tips For You and Your Pet

    Dec 05 2012

    We love sharing the holidays with friends and family… and that includes our pets. We want them to be part of the festivities and their presence makes special occasion more “special.” …

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    Thanksgiving Tips for your Pet

    Nov 13 2012

    With Thanksgiving around the corner, we look forward to turkey and pumpkin pie! While we may enjoy a huge feast, our pets will do better sticking with their regular diet. Eating table food can cause…

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    Flu Season Affects Dogs!

    Oct 24 2012

    It's flu season!! Did you know that dogs can get the flu? Canine influenze isn't just aches and pains like the human flu. Canine influenze can make dogs very sick and can even be fatal. So, let's be…